The founding purpose of DEHUKAM is to make scientific researches and to train specialist personnel in the sea and maritime law and policy fields, provide consultancy to related institutions and organizations, gather the understaffed academics under one national roof, organize national and international symposiums, cooperate with similar international research centers and by this means contribute to the progress of the Turkish sea and maritime law and policy and help raise awareness nationally and internationally.

The scientific activities to be organized under DEHUKAM, education programmes organised with the participation of expert lecturers, a specialist library to be established and joint studies with foreign institutions will encourage scientific studies on the sea and maritime law and policy.

The fact that the three sides of Turkey are surrounded by seas, increases the importance of the sea and maritime law and policy. At the core of maritime problems facing Turkey for many years, is maritime sovereignty and jurisdiction in Aegean Sea and Eastern Mediterranean. In addition, the importance of the Turkish Straits in international sea routes, the carriage of ninety percent of goods in trade by sea, the Turkish entrepreneurs’ share in global maritime commerce, and the need for sea and ocean with endless terrestrial resources also support the constant need for the sea and maritime law and policy. DEHUKAM aims to play an active role in forming policy decisions in order for Turkey to achieve its desired the sea and maritime law rules.

Another benefit of DEHUKAM is to educate experts on the level of influence of Turkish foreign policy and to ensure effective representation of Turkey by them at international meetings. Maritime disputes, in which Turkey is involved, are normally addressed at scientific meetings with international experts. In these meetings, the defence of Turkish foreign policy in relation to maritime affairs requires technical knowledge at expert level of both the sea and maritime law and policy.  Furthermore, in forming Turkey’s position while negotiating international treaties on navigation or determining whether it is in Turkey’s interest  to be a Party to international treaties and conventions, opinions of experts in the field of maritime law and policy are required.

The shortage of academics currently working in the field of sea and maritime law and policy in Turkey and the absence of coordination among the existing ones makes it difficult to establish new policies and defend the existing policies on maritime law in Turkey. Therefore, specialists who will be trained under DEHUKAM will promote Turkish maritime law and policy and consequently Turkish foreign policy.

Although DEHUKAM is a research center established in Ankara University, it was founded with a mission to gather everyone  interested in the sea and maritime law and policy under one national research infrastructure.